Captain Peter Julius Hoegh of the Barque Lady Elizabeth


A wonderful insight into the history of the Lady Elizabeth

Courtesy of
a descendent of Captain Hoegh



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On 8 Aug 2007, I received the following email:

"I recently stumbled across your site with relation to the Lady Elizabeth. I am interested to know of any additional information you may about this wreck. My great grandfather was the captain of this ship from the late 1800's to the early 1900's so I have a rather personal interest in hearing of any developments that you may be aware of. I must say, it was rather haunting to see the images of the wreck on your site. I had always been under the impression that the barque had sunk, and was very moved to actually see it as it stands today. The wonders of the internet!

On 10 Aug 2007 I received the following email:

"I've scanned and attached the bulk of what I have that directly relates to the Lady Elizabeth.

"I would be more than happy for you to incorporate any of these documents into a new web page on the Lady Elizabeth. This Barque has always had a very special place in not only my heart - but that of my family too. It would be a tremendous accomplishment to see her restored... and I'm more than happy to help...

"I hope at least some of these documents are useful to you.

"And wasn't my Great Grandfather such a handsome man!!!

Photos of Lady Elizabeth:

Antwerp 1908

English Channel 1906

Captain's Cabin

Deck view showing Captain Hoegh's two sons

Postcard painting under sail 1908

Newspaper reports:

A sea mystery - Two sailors disappear

Lady Elizabeth manager's statement Debit and Credit accounts:

For 12 months ending 31st December 1909

For 12 months ending 31st December 1911

Captain Hoegh's papers:

Master's Certificate

Later on 10 Aug 2007, I received the following email:

"Just one more things Mori - after reading Hugh Cross's sentiments with regards to the restoration of the Barque - I must admit that I agree with his views (in some parts) about not fully restoring the Barque. I admit - I do believe that nothing can ever be truly restored to it's true glory - and you run the risk of losing the beauty and charm that exists in it's current state and therefore almost making it's former glory obsolete.

"I think - and I may be a bit biased here - that this wreck is probably one of the most "romantic" looking wrecks I have ever seen. Her current condition and the angle she currently wrests on contributes so much to her appeal - in my eyes - she was once upon a time a magnificent looking Barque - and in my opinion - she still is - magnificent. In a lot of ways I agree with Hugh's comments that he would like to see at most the deterioration slowed as much as possible.

"I felt my excitement and enthusiasm may have got the better of me when I said that I would love to see her fully restored. Quite honestly - I think if she could be preserved in her current state - then that would be the best outcome for the Lady Elizabeth herself.

"What would you like to see happen to her?

If you have a family connection with the Lady Elizabeth, photos or other information, please contact Mori Flapan at: ...Send email  

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